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NOV 1992,the first UF filter was developed.

1998, Litree took the lead in proposing "distributed point of use water systems", and developed a series household UF filters.

SEPT 1998, Litree contributed water purifying equipment valued more than USD200,000. This established 60 water stations to provide clean drinking water in disaster area of the Yangtze River Flood.

APRIL 2004, Shanghai Jiaotong University constructed membrane-separation research institution with Litree, Mr. Lianggang Chen, our company president, was given the honorary title of visiting professor.

JULY 2007, Litree USA R&D center was established. 

OCT 2007, Litree UF membrane modules were applied to Kaohsiung Municipal Water Plant in Taiwan. Water production is 300,000 ㎡, which is the largest municipal water plant through membrane in the world at the time.

MAY 2008, Litree contributed water purifying equipment valued more than USD1,500,000. May 27, Litree Love Middle School was completed in Shifang City, Sichuan.

MAY 2009, Litree’s European (the Netherlands) sales center was established.

DEC 5, 2009, Shandong Dongying Nanjiao Municipal Water Plant was put into operation, which is the first large-scale municipal water plant adopting domestic UF membrane, and it is also the first project that adopted immersed PVC membrane in municipal water treatment.

MAY 2011, Litree undertook producing and maintaining all direct drinking water equipment in the Shanghai World EXPO, providing direct drinking water for 73,000,000 Expo visitors from 260 countries. During the 184 days of operation, Litree equipment provided 150,000 tons of water hygienically.

MAY 2011, Litree’s Turkey sales center was established.