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Social Projects

In 2010, Litree undertook producing and maintaining all drinking water equipment at the Shanghai World EXPO, provided direct drinking water for 70,000,000 Expo visitors from 260 countries. During the 184 days of operation, Litree equipment provided 150,000 tons of water hygienically.

We also take charge of projects granted by the Chinese government. All 260 army groups of  the Chinese People's Liberation Army are equipped with field water purifying vehicles, whose core filtration equipment is Litree ultrafiltration machinery. The individual purifier researched and manufactured by Litree is adopted by the Chinese People's Liberation Army. The CPLA has also chosen Litree to produce purifiers to be carried by individual soldiers.

Aug. 2008, the emergency water supplying car, whose core filtration equipment is Litree ultrafiltration machine, performed very important function in Beijing Olympics.

May. 2008, After the devastating earthquakes in Sichuan, Litree contributed water purifying equipment valued more than USD1,500,000. May 27, In Shifang City, Sichuan Litree Love Middle School was dedicated for the efforts made.