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Litree Purifying Technology Co., Ltd. concentrates on the research,development, and application of ultra-filtration membranes. We are a high-tech company integrating the research, manufacture, sales and service of ultra-filtration membrane treatment technology. Litree is on the cutting edge of technological innovation, with eighteen patents for ultra-filtration membrane and purifying equipment.

Litree products are used widely in areas such as: municipal water supply, production water processing, sewage processing and recycling, urban home drinking water purification, rural water improvement, and public drinking water. Litree ultrafiltration membrane is exported to 40 countries and regions, and adopted by over 500 organizations including Fortune  500 enterprises. Litree also have over 500,000 residential customers.

As early as 1998, Litree brought the ultrafiltration technology into home water purification.Litree has been focused on developing various ultrafiltration technologies, greatly reducing secondary pollution from water pipes. Litree has solidly held the largest market share of China for many years consecutively. Unlike traditional water purifiers, “Litree family water purification system” ensure not only clean drinking, but also a durable and clean filter cartridge, enables all families to have clean water for living. Litree products are also wildly applied in food and beverage industry, factories and mines, schools, government units, office buildings, etc. to fulfill commercial water-use and public drinking water quality standards.

Litree ultrafiltration equipment features: small size, high quality water, and low maintenance requirements. This helps to overcome common problems in rural areas: scattered population, poor sanitation, etc. which will greatly facilitate the promotion of rural water improvement projects.

Litree has a strong selling and service network in China, and has branch companies in North America and Europe. This allows us to provide prompt, thoughtful technical support and service to our clients globally.